PODCAST: Hector Xavier Monsegur


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Guest: Hector Xavier Monsegur


Four years ago HECTOR XAVIER MONSEGUR, an Anonymous computer hacker better know by the online pseudonym “Sabu”, pleaded guilty in a U.S. District Court to 12-counts of computer hacking and other crimes. A conviction that was kept secret from the public.

At the time, many activists, supporters and participants involved with Anonymous were unaware that months prior Mr. Monsegur had agreed to cooperate with the FBI who were investigating the criminal activity of hackers operating within the Anonymous collective.

Mr. Monsegur became public enemy number one by Anonymous once it was revealed he had cooperated with law enforcement as they located and arrested Anonymous hackers. Most notably, the arrest of a hacker known online as “Anarchaos” and later unmasked as Mr. Jeremy Hammond.

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5 thoughts on “PODCAST: Hector Xavier Monsegur

  1. derp says:

    Vinnie, guess who got suspended for angry tweets aimed @ deray re Chelsea?

  2. derp says:

    oh boy…

  3. […] Source: PODCAST: Hector Xavier Monsegur […]

  4. M says:

    That was a lot more informative than I expected. I would really like to hear more about the hacker war with!

    • Vince in the Bay says:

      Glad you found the podcast informative! Really appreciate you taking time to listen to it. Hector spoke at length and in more detail about the early hacker wars which inspired him. He’s a hacker historian for sure. He can talk your ear off about hacks that happened 15 years ago. He’s very studious, well informed and opinionated. We also discussed a few “current events” which were cut from the final edit. He weighed in on the Hacking Team breech, Wassenaar Arrangement, and several other topics. A lot of great material was cut from the podcast for time. At some point I may release a series of outtakes from the recordings. A lot of it is really good content, but I didn’t want to deviate too far from the main subject, which is Hector.

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