PODCAST: Jon Nichols


Jon Nichols

Jon aka “@wvualphasoldier” is a security researcher, consultant, policy advisor and former US military PSYOP soldier. He served on and off the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. We discuss the recent Shadow Brokers auctioning of computer network exploits which are alleged to have been stolen from NSA linked security firm, Equation Group.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Shadow Brokers, Equation Group, NSA, PSYOP, atmospherics, military intelligence, deception operations, propaganda, patriot hackers, The Jester, ISIS, Junaid Hussain (aka TriCk), Edward Snowden, Zipa Dux, insider threat vs. outside attacker theories, attribution, @thegrugq, Takashi Shimura, Rashomon and more!



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We recorded this episode on Sunday night (06-19-16) after the Golden State Warriors were defeated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in a dramatic Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. I’m joined by co-host Guru, N1k from Toronto, and Hedge76 (calling in from Australia). Topics include: NBA Finals, Game Seven, Warriors, Cavs, LeBron James, Cleveland, NBA, Toronto Raptors, off-season, Bismack Biyombo, Kevin Durant, Lakers, Luke Walton, the Zika virus, wild predictions and more.

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