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Podcast: Patrick Knight


Patrick Knight

Patrick Knight is Senior Director of Cyber Strategy and Product Management at Veriato. For over 17 years Patrick has worked for major security leaders developing products and guiding online security policies, including encryption, network intrusion detection and anti-malware threat protection technologies. At Veriato, he is helping organizations across the globe protect sensitive data from risks posed by insiders. Prior to entering the online security industry, he spent 12 years in national security in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Patrick joined me to speak about insider threats and discuss some of the findings in the recently released Insider Threat Program Maturity Model report by Veriato. The report provides insight into how organizations today are addressing the threat of insiders. By looking at how factors like program support, budget, the presence of a formal team, and privacy impact program maturity, this report can provide a better understanding of what conditions are necessary to achieve the most effective program possible.


The Insider Threat Program Maturity Model provides organizations with a way to benchmark their current ability to monitor, detect, mitigate, and respond to insider threats. The Maturity Model also helps to determine a path to further mature the existing program towards a metrics-centric, optimized program.

Download the report free here.


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Podcast: Ben Johnson


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is founder and CTO of Obsidian Security and formerly of Carbon Black and the National Security Agency. We met in San Francisco while Ben was in town for RSA 2018. In the interview we discuss his work and how the movie Enemy of the State inspired him to join the NSA. We also discuss GDPR and other cybersecurity related stuff.


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PODCAST: Judy Towers & Michael Goedekr

This episode is an interview with intelligence analyst Judy Towers and Michael Goedekr, CEO of hackdefnet, conducted over the summer at DEFCON 25 in Las Vegas (2017). Judy and Michael share their thoughts on threat intelligence, risk analysis, dealing with C suite executives and more.

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