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PODCAST: Charles Tendell

Charles Tendell

Charles Tendell

This episode’s guest is North Carolina based security researcher and podcast host Charles Tendell. He joins the podcast to discuss his path to a career in cybersecurity, his experience dealing with Hurricane Florence, Hacker’s List, social engineering, political correctness, virtue signaling, racism, dating apps, cybersecurity pet peeves, Twitter drama, laying the pipe and more!


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PODCAST: Twitter, Snowden and Privacy


This episode breaks down last week’s online Q & A between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and infamous NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden on Periscope. The event, promoted by the organizers of the campaign Pardon Snowden, featured a lengthy discussion on privacy and the role of social media in sharing user data with law enforcement and intelligence agencies.


Jacob Young – who submitted a question to Snowden and had it answered, sorta.

The event also included questions from Twitter users. Jacob Young, a software engineer and privacy advocate, was one of the lucky users who submitted a question and had it answered by Snowden during the event. Jacob joins the podcast to give his reaction to Snowden’s answer to his question and also shares his thoughts on mass surveillance, privacy and more.

If you are curious about the Snowden Q&A in question and want to view the event in it’s entirety, here’s a link to the Periscope video:

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