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PODCAST: Charles Tendell

Charles Tendell

Charles Tendell

This episode’s guest is North Carolina based security researcher and podcast host Charles Tendell. He joins the podcast to discuss his path to a career in cybersecurity, his experience dealing with Hurricane Florence, Hacker’s List, social engineering, political correctness, virtue signaling, racism, dating apps, cybersecurity pet peeves, Twitter drama, laying the pipe and more!


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PODCAST: Giovanni Vigna


Giovanni Vigna

Giovanni is a co-founder and CTO of Lastline, Inc., a company which develops solutions to detect and mitigate advanced malware and targeted threats. He is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California in Santa Barbara and director of the Center for CyberSecurity at UCSB. He is co-director of the Security Lab, which is part of the iSeclab group and founder of the Shellphish hacker group which has annually competed in the DEFCON CTF (won in 2005) and also The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge (3rd place). He also organizes the International Capture The Flag (iCTF), one of the world’s largest attack-defense hacking competitions.

Giovanni’s research focuses on vulnerability analysis, web security, malware analysis, and mobile security. We met in San Francisco at RSAC 2018 this year where he presented two talks, one entitled How Automated Vulnerability Analysis Discovered Hundreds of Android 0-days and also The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Ultrasonic Communications Ecosystem.

This episode we discuss all these things plus GDPR, Santa Barbara hot springs and more!


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Check out Giovanni at RSAC 2018:

How Automated Vulnerability Analysis Discovered Hundreds of Android 0-days

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Ultrasonic Communications Ecosystem


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PODCAST: Judy Towers & Michael Goedekr

This episode is an interview with intelligence analyst Judy Towers and Michael Goedekr, CEO of hackdefnet, conducted over the summer at DEFCON 25 in Las Vegas (2017). Judy and Michael share their thoughts on threat intelligence, risk analysis, dealing with C suite executives and more.

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PODCAST: Ray Watson


Ray Watson

This episode’s guest is Ray Watson who presented at Black Hat 2017. He joins me to talk about hacker history and share some of his infosec pet peeves. We recorded this interview in July 2017 during the week of Black Hat and DEFCON in Las Vegas. His talk was entitled “Jedi Masters, Sith Lords, and Droids: 5 Generations of Hacking” and can be seen in it’s entirety below.


Ray and Vince hanging out after recording the podcast interview.


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